Amoud University Jointly with King’s College London, Starts Second batch of Health Professions Education (HPE) Certificate.

The Masters in Health Professions Education (HPE) is a course accredited by Amoud University, Edna Adan University and University of Hargeisa, run jointly with King’s College, London, U.K. It is designed to help those teaching in the health faculties at the three 
Somaliland Universities to develop their skills in teaching, assessment and curriculum design  and to participate in educational research and leadership.After the four modules in the first year participants can leave with a certificate in HPE or continue to a diploma in the second year or to a masters after 3 years.

The modules are either run face to face in Boroma and Hargeisa or online using the Medicine Africa website. The programme is funded for 5 years through a SPHEIR grant from the UK government.Those on the course will start to be involved in co-teaching in the third year with the intention that the course will be taken over by Somaliland faculty after 5 years. They will be able to expand it in to other faculties within their Universities and other Universities in Somaliland.

The first year of 24 candidates completed in April 2018 and 19 progressed to the diploma while 34 are in the second year of the certificate programme. The third module of the certificate took place in Boroma in November 2018 with 14 participants and John Rees and Sarah Curr as tutors. It was once again a pleasure to teach the enthusiastic and knowledgeable Amoud group in Boroma.

Our hope in developing the programme was that the learning on the course would have an effect on other teachers in the Faculty and University over time creating a community of educators. The Amoud team have exceeded expectations by passing on their learning on the certificate to the rest of the faculty in the first year of the programme.

Professor John Rees

Amoud University College of Health Sciences, had weekly meeting at the meeting Hall of AUCHS, chaired by the Principal Dr. Said A. Walhad, attended by the Deans, Associate Deans, assistant administrators . The issues discussed were review of the implementation of the points agreed at the meeting of 3rd Dec 2018,Midterm exam results return, start of the supervision of the lectures which was temporally stopped during the midterm exams, clinical rotations of the different schools and feedbacks from the students and to the students, monitoring of the course contents coverage of the different school, capacity building of the teaching staff on teaching methodology with each school nominating the lecturers who will participate the workshop and office work be strengthened.

AUCHS Weekly Meeting, 10 December 2018
R/L: Dr. Said A. Walhad, AUCHS Principal & Dr.Mohamed D. Qawdan, Dean School of Laboratory
Friday, 07 December 2018 00:00


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Friday, 07 December 2018 00:00

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